90GJ Android 9.1Ulefone A70...

【6.3INCH FULL DISPLAY】The A70 delivers the viewingexperience you always wanted, With a massive 93.1%screen-to-body ratio on a 6.3″inch screen;Powerful Performance,mobile platform with 10mm process technology makesyoung people who love the young and stiand other popular games.The game ison and lower
【13MP FRONT CAMERA&REAR HD CAMERA】The A70 world-leading 6MP front camera turnsyour every selfe into a work of art Experience greaterbrightness, color vibrancy, clarity and dynamic range.even in the dimmest light, Whenever you needit.The A70 features a 24MP camera combination. The main camera sportsa large f/1.8 aperture and 1.28um pixels, This strong combination boosts photosensitibityin backlight or low light
【FACE ACCESS&FINGERPRINT UNLOCK】The A70 also supports facial recognitionUpon activation, A70 scans your facial features and unlocks instaneouslyAccessing your phone has never been so easy, or so fun;The phone supports true fingerprint unlocking, protects your personal privacy, supports fingerprint photography, and makes your entertainment more fun.


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