Fly YUTING Foldable 4-wheel...

❤ Foldable electric scooter heavy load wheelchair, which was newly upgraded. This lightweight motorized scooter can help you to run easily in the house, to go to the park, to buy or freely travel and is compact enough to wear ..
❤ Our foldable mobility scooter is operated with a 24V 20Ah battery, which can be fully charged in 6-8 hours. With a fully charged battery, the maximum driving distance is 20 km and the maximum speed 10 km / h ..
❤ The wheel of this electric roller for older people is a 9-inch wheel, which helps high quality shock absorption of the tires you are steadily progressing. The 24V 300W Power engine, the steep slopes can be easily mastered, gently passing small obstacles and climbing various complex slopes sovereign and safely ..