Glass foot file callus remover,...

【Glass callous plane】 High quality glass material, safer and more durable, delicate grinding fine fit on the skin. Remove dead skin, calluses, cutin and cracked feet, wonderful pedicure foot scraper. 1 to 3 minutes easily and effectively remove dead skin, they stick to the use, so your skin feels as soft as baby skin again.
【Wet & Dry】 Our foot callus remover does not have a battery, does not need to be charged and can be used while bathing. There is no risk of leakage. Washable, long life, clean and convenient. ABS, glass material, durable use.
【Advantage】 Our callus rasp feet are small, convenient to store and carry. Comes with storage bag, convenient storage, prevents children from playing. It is a very suitable corneal rasp for family use.