Lobhqph Professional Drone...

The drone provides first-class image quality. Drone is equipped with a 1” 4K camera, a PX4 based flight controller and flight modes including Follow Me. Point of Interest and Curve Cable Cam. All the key internal components of the drone now have improved protection against electrical influences and, along with the PX4 controller and 6-rotor design, ensure maximum reliability.
Safe 6-Rotor-System. For maximum security, the ‘No Fly Zone’ function makes it impossible to fly drones near commercial airports. The Geo Fence can also form a user-defined virtual barrier that prevents the drone from flying outside of a desired are. In the case of a motor or rotor failure, the drone automatically switches from 6 to 5 motors -an important feature that distinguishes it form a quadcopter. Should the copter lose the 2.4 GHz signal. It can now be easily controlled via the 5.8 GHz W
C23 4K Camera with 1” Sensor. A quick-release mechanism lets you fit the propellers quickly and easily, after which the drone is ready for use right away. The rotor arms of the drone can aslo be folded away to facilitate transportation. The complete system and its accessories can be transported in a hand luggage-sized backpack or in a protective case(both of which are optionally available). the two HV batteries included in the standard kit are changeable and rechargeable; each provides a good