SND-A Nordic Upgrade Sofa...

MULTIFUNCTIONAL FOLDING SOFA BED: Only need to spend the money of a sofa to enjoy four different functions, sofa/bed/storage/coffee table, specially tailored for small apartment, multi-functional original design, sofa and bed can be switched at will, and humanization improves living Space, thoughtful storage design makes the living room more tidy
NEW UPGRADE SOFA BED: The sofa is a new upgrade, upgrade 1, with an upgraded solid wood head, selected beech wood to be soft, long-term use is smoother and more wear-resistant; Upgrade 3, upgrade touch-sensitive night light, long press the touch button to adjust the USB brightness, and the warm yellow light is more warm
WHY BUY A SOFA BED WITH LIGHTS?: It’s more convenient for the elderly and children to get up at night, so they don’t have to worry about falling and bumping; ophthalmologists recommend turning on the lights at night to play with mobile phones, which can protect the eyes; children who sleep with the night light on are not afraid of nightmares, long press the touch switch to adjust Brightness, the warm white light is like mother beside me


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